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how do you relight a pilot light

Electric Furnace Pilot Light

Whereas some newer fuel furnaces have an electrical apparatus that ignites the fuel, older ones usually have a pilot gentle that can be relit if it goes out. Intermittent pilots nonetheless use a pilot light, nevertheless it isn't a standing” pilot mild that is still on all the time to ignite the burner whenever the gas activates. Instead, the pilot light solely comes on when it needs to ignite the burner. When the thermostat alerts the need for warmth, an electrical system creates a spark that causes the pilot to come back on, and then the pilot activates the burners. When the burners shut off on the end of the heating cycle, the pilot additionally goes out. This reduces the amount of gasoline used as a result of a standing pilot gentle drains power.

As soon as lit, keep holding a 1-2 minutes. If when you let go, the pilot goes out, then you did not hold long sufficient. This is so fuel is flowing constantly. On a typical fuel furnace, the pilot light is a small gas flame that acts both as an ignition source for a larger burner within the furnace, as well as an indicator of whether your furnace is definitely burning and producing warmth. Each furnace should have a label on it that tells you how one can mild a furnace. Typically, nonetheless, the printing may be small or the furnace space could also be dark. In these circumstances, the label could also be difficult to learn. Preserving the following directions near your furnace or in one other protected spot where they can be located easily will make the task a lot easier.how to light a pilot light on a furnace lennox

Electric Furnace Pilot Light

Honeywell Furnace Pilot Light

How To Tell If Your Pilot Light Is Out In Furnace

Sometimes, seeing a job being carried out may help should you're doing it for the first video below shows you the step-by-step process for re-lighting a pilot mild to help you get began. There's usually a small screw on the pilot valve body that can adjust the flame. You may have to confer with the manufacturer's directions to search out the screw. Turn the screw as wanted to regulate the flame throw. At the similar time maintain match to pilot burner. (Simply comply with the small pilot tubing to end.) Sometimes a protracted match is needed, you need to use needle nose pliers to carry match.

Carrier Furnace Pilot Light

At this point you are executed. The pilot is lit and the furnace is burning and may begin producing warmth shortly. Stick around for a moment and make certain that the pilot flame stays lit. Go searching and inspect the realm for any drafts or sources of air that would've blew out the pilot in the first place. Ignite your match or lighter and place near the pilot assembly, push down on the pink reset button or hold the fuel valve knob down if there isn't any reset button. Hold the button or knob down for about 30 seconds. It will override the thermocouple management and permit gasoline to stream till the thermocouple is hot enough to produce an electrical present and open the primary gas valve.

Electric Furnace Pilot Light